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 Demon's Souls

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PostSubject: Demon's Souls   Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:57 am

this was actually my 1st game that had (kind of) realistic, real time fighting

'tis a game that greatly wishes to kill you and keep u dead - i've spent like, 10 minutes total, including tutorial, alive in this game...
probably also (of the games i've played) filled with the list descriptions on control 'n such, not that it's hard to get used to it anyways
gotta love that it gives next to no info whatsoever on the different classes you can choose from

almost wish that enemies didn't stay in the same spot everytime....although in certain cases it's the only thing that makes it possible to progress...

=\ feel like it'd be full of spoilers if I actually talked about the game much.....especially w/ things like the oh so lovely end of the tutorial~
do rlly love this game though
very much so recommend~

by any chance, any1 else hav this game?
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Demon's Souls
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